Example Code and Sample Applications

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Tabular form cascading popup LOV sample. Read more.

20 Jun 2014

Editable interactive report sample. Read more.

19 Jun 2014

Tabular form jQuery autocomplete sample. Read more.

27 Mar 2014

APEX 4.2 classic report "instant search" sample application. Read more.

9 Jan 2014
jquery.tagcloud.min.zip2KBRon Valstar jQuery TagCloud plugin11 Dec 2011
scroll_report_apex4.zip21KBScrolling classic report sample application for APEX 4. Read more.3 Apr 2011
ir_cust_pagination_apex4.zip21KBInteractive Report Custom Pagination sample application for APEX 4.3 Apr 2011
google_reader_mp3_player.zip74KBSample application that utilize Google Reader MP3 Player to play audio files from blob column. Read more.29 Mar 2011
aq_example.zip2KBExample to create advanced queue. Run script as SYS. Script creates 2 users. MSG_AQ_ADMIN that owns object. MSG_AQ_USER for enqueu messages.17 Mar 2011
editable_interactive_report.zip27KBEditable interactive report sample application. Read more.13 Feb 2011
oracle-xe-logrotate.zip587Oracle-XE logrotate script for Linux.6 Feb 2011
report_util.zip3KBPackage to create reports using PL/SQL region. Read more.23 Jan 2011
doc_api.zip1KBPackage to upload documents to Oracle database. Read instructions how to use with Embedded PL/SQL Gateway here.18 Jan 2011
xewebdav.zip1KBBash script to mount Oracle XE WebDAV folder to server file system. Read more.18 Jan 2011
jquery.htmldbHscroll-0.0.1.zip2KBjQuery plugin for classic report. Plugin freezes x number of columns and enable horizontal scrolling rest of columns. Read more.10 Jan 2011
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